Stephen de Quincey

Psychotherapeutic Specialist

MA. Counselling.,
P.G. Dip. Counselling.,
B. Social Work (Hon)

Full Member: – NZAC, EMDRAA
Managing Director & Founder QVTP Ltd (est.2011).

ACC Registered

I am also a husband, father, friend, musician, woodworker, and grandfather.

About Steve

Contact:   Stephen de Quincey (021) 165-9069.   Email:   steve@qvtp.nz

QVTP – QV Therapeutic Perspectives

QVTP (QV Therapeutic Perspectives) is an independent practice based in Auckland, providing a wide range of online counselling services  for individualscouples, and youths with special emphasis in the areas of trauma, self- esteem, anger management, stress disorders, and depression.

Online TherapySkyppsych

Online therapy is exactly as it sounds, it isn’t just for lockdowns.
Since 2020 the online work has been well developed. It’s just the same as in-person therapy: the only thing that changes is the setting. Until the pandemic I was working face to face and online (Skype / Zoom), although Covid changed the landscape it didn’t change the outcomes. Results are as quick and powerful as face to face sessions, without added nervous system pressures, and it is here to stay. Online therapy provides EMDR & Psychotherapy with Impact.
Here’s why it could be right for you.

My Approach

I walk alongside my clients, using interventions that facilitate change. Holding their narratives and experiences with respect and empathy, while growing their internal self awareness of mind, body and emotional memory. As clients wounds are healed, new perceptions of a preferred future become viable and a deep inner sense that they have moved past their past.

My approach to treatment is integrative & eclectic: I don’t have a “one size fits all” philosophy.
I draw on a cross-section of classical, modern and creative therapies, modalities and interventions with strong evidence based reliability. 

I have also developed, researched and implemented my own programmes & interventions for both external agencies and for QVTP Ltd.

A high percentage of my business is from repeat clients and referrals from clients. I have been referred to by other professionals as the Therapists therapist ( It is one of my supervisors who encouraged the use of the Psychotherapeutic Specialist title).

The work I do is Powerful and Life Changing and it happens quickly, though not always comfortably. All sessions are currently online, which has proven to be highly successful. Face to face and Group sessions will also recommence at some stage.

Skills and training

  • In professional practice since 2000.
  • Undertake extensive professional development courses annually, in many different therapy interventions.
  • My Masters work was the use of creative therapies, especially music.  
  • The core driver of this research was the years of success I had with youth using music therapy through my own programme creation.
  • I have written and facilitated many group and individual programmes for QVTP and other agencies / WDHB and schools.
  • I am a full member of ‘The New Zealand Association of Counsellors ‘(MNZAC) and a full member of the EMDR Association of Australia (EMDRAA).
  • Having studied, trained and practiced extensively obtaining: 
    – A Bachelor degree in Social work
     – Post Graduate Degree in Counselling, and 
    – Masters in Counselling.
    – Multiple professional Certificates and Diploma’s in specific Therapeutic Interventions including EMDR

Also multiple engagements with Professional development workshops and trainings, ongoing annually .

My personal and professional development, skills, qualifications and experience have empowered me to practice the wide range of therapies offered at QVTP Ltd. I have also provided and facilitated both QVTP and non QVTP programs for other agencies i.e. ManAlive, North Harbour Living Without Violence, Raeburn House, etc.

Services Offered – For Adults, Adolescence, Tweens, & Children

QVTP Psychotherapeutic Interventions include: –

  • EMDR (Standard & Varied including QVTP’s Future Reframe Protocol).
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy
  • Polyvagal Therapy
  • Strengths Model Interventions
  • Humanistic / Rogerian Counselling
  • Internal Family System Therapy (Ego States)
  • Mindfulness, DBT & ACT Interventions
  • Neuroscience Interventions
  • Transactional Analysis Therapy (Ego States)
  • Music & Art Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Jungian / Analytical Interventions
  • Gestalt/Psycho-dramatic Interventions
  • NLP & Life Coaching
  • Narrative Therapy

To address issues related to: –

  • Depression, Anxiety & Disconnection
  • Grief & Loss
  • Traumatic Experience Desensitization, including Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)
  • Anger Management / respectful communication / self-awareness
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Relationship Issues, couples, and family conflict
  • Stress Management
  • Youth Social Skills Development
  • Gender Issues & Gender Identity
  • Addiction and Compulsive Behaviours
  • Cultural Issues
  • Life Coaching, Career Transitions, Personal Growth

Self-discovery and internal healing will happen on many levels, physical, emotional, sensory / nervous system and spiritual.  Therapy sessions and therapeutic experience are individual to the clients, yet the commonality is a desire to feel complete.  I walk alongside my clients, holding their narratives with respect, while facilitating their internal self awareness, healing of wounds, opening up to perceptions of other an alternative present and future.