Life Coaching

Turn the life you envision into your reality!

QVTP’s Life Coaching assists you in realising your strengths, potentials, gifts and qualities, enabling you to create a future that travels down a new path, rather than the paths of your past journeys.

QVTP’s Life Coaching allows you to set realistic goals, yet also to ‘dream big’ and focus on those dreams with a positive intention which enables them to become a reality.

QVTP’s Life Coaching helps you identify where you want to be and the path of least resistance; to help you get there by using tools, creative mediums and visualisation skills that will concretize your dreams into material goals and ‘life plans’.

QVTP’s Life Coaching services will take you from where you are now and build upon your natural and learned assets, in order to imagine and create where you want to be.

Harness your Potential with Life Coaching:

  • Move you out of the rut toward success.
  • Focus on your future.
  • Realise your potential, your strengths and develop skills to address your areas of growth.
  • Achieve positive change towards a happier and more productive you.
  • Give you the ability to create and get more out of life and work creating work/life balance, reducing your stress.
  • Take you from imagination and ideas to action and creation.
  • Improve your relationships.

Live better,  feel fulfilled everyday! 

Become inspired, connected and empowered by you!

It often takes someone from another perspective to enlighten our being to the potential, strengths, qualities, uniqueness and gifts we hold and have developed.  To see the whole person and help develop the Gestalt of the person.  To take latent potential and turn it into dynamic action.

The road to discovery:

Steve is passionate about helping clients develop their present and future lives and has trained in a range of Life Coaching methods including strength-based and solution focused Models. Enabling clients to set and follow through with goals based on their dreams and desires in the ten domains of life.
Cultural, Education, Financial, Health, Hobbies,  Living Situation, Relationships, Social Activities/ Recreation, Spiritual, and Work

Call Steve to discuss QVTP’s Life Coaching programme today……
the results will impress you and those your are connected!