Skypsych – Online Counselling

Gone are the days when the only way to get mental health support was on a counsellors couch. Online therapy is exactly as it sounds. It’s just the same as in-person therapy: the only thing that changes is the setting. Technology has revolutionised our lives in all aspects – communication, socialising, information, shopping, learning and even love.

So it’s only natural that we want the same convenience and ease when it comes to looking after our mental wellbeing.

Online therapy isn’t a new concept – but COVID made it a reality, with lockdown measures in place, therapy sessions had to go digital, not only was virtual support invaluable but highly successful and is here to stay.

online therapy via laptop

Benefits of Skypsych Online Therapy

  • Travel-free time efficient: Travelling can be stressful, navigating traffic, time management, and associated costs all contribute to the stress. Online therapy eliminates these stressors.
  • No geographical restrictions. Connect with us no matter where you live or work excellent for remote areas.
  • Accessibility for People With Physical Limitations. Online therapy provides accessibility to individuals who are disabled or housebound. Mobility can be a big issue when it comes to accessing mental health care. 
  • Comfortable in your own environment. Let’s face it: opening up and talking about how we’re really feeling can be tough, sometimes, it’s the little things that make it easier. You can feel more comfortable opening up online than in person and with a stranger, it is feel less daunting. Feel more at ease snuggling up on your sofa or in a private space, where you can smoke/vape or eat and drink at your ease, or leave a session if processing get difficult.
  • Time & Convenience. In our hectic lives, ‘me time’ can be hard to come by. You might have a frantic schedule and work irregular hours. Or perhaps you’re a single parent or a carer who’s always racing against the clock. Since you will be attending therapy sessions online in the comfort of your own home, you can often schedule your therapy sessions for times that are the most convenient for you.
  • Privacy. For some, online therapy offers a comforting sense of privacy. Plus there are plenty of security measures in place to protect your privacy online – from high-grade encryption services to virus and password protection.
  • Social distancing. COVID has taken a huge toll on our mental wellbeing. And if you’re already feeling nervous about people face to face interactions or are immune compromised, that’s one anxiety and barrier to therapy you can easily avoid. 

Whether you want to alleviate your anxieties, face a phobia or simply become a better you, Skypsych online therapy lets you access all the same coping mechanisms that you would in an in-person session. Stephen will guide you along the right track and therapy, just doing so via your phone, tablet or laptop.

Let’s take EDMR, Hypnotherapy, NLP & practised Psychotherapies QVTP utilises, these treatments effectively impact and reward our online sessions; helping address depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, panic, PTSD, bipolar disorder, psychosis and phobias (including agoraphobia and social phobia), online therapy brings new perspective and experience, leading to new insights. 

Ultimately, when it all boils down to it, real and lasting change starts and ends with you. It doesn’t matter if you start that journey in a therapist’s office or behind a computer screen, by putting in the legwork you’re taking the first step to becoming a healthier, happier you.

Taking care of our minds

is more important

than ever!